Gather 'Soul Essence' from defeating increasingly difficult enemies.

The more soul essence you have, the stronger the enemies and the more they drop.

Except, you also spend Soul Essence to level up which means enemy difficulty drops again.

The goal is to get to the strongest enemy you can! So don't spend all your essence at once!

This was made for Ludum Dare 40 Game Jam. The game is nowhere near done as I had a lot less time available than I thought, but here it is anyway! I will continue working on the game in the future however I will be releasing a different version and leaving this one untouched so that ratings/etc are fair.

Have fun, and I'd love feedback if you have some!

Controls are binding of isaac-like.

WASD for movement

Arrow Keys for shooting


Don't Level Up Yet!.zip 16 MB
Mac - Don't Level Up Yet!.zip 18 MB

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